Differences between user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

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Differences between user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

Probably, if you have thought about designing a website or application professionally, you have heard words like UI and UX. These words mean user interface design and user experience. Designing UI and design UX, each of which has different meanings. UX is abbreviated as User Experience Design and in the concept it means the experience and pleasure of users in using website pages. Word UI also stands for User Interface Design and it means the user interface and part of the appearance of the website, which will attract the user and even guide the site in some cases. To learn more about the difference between UI and UX, follow this article.

What is UI?

UI To understand the difference between user interface and user experience, first briefly familiarize yourself with the two cases Interactions of the site for users. In fact, the user interface is largely related to the arrangement of elements on the page and the type of coloring and appearance. When designing When talking about UI, not only the appearance should be considered, but also in the sense that the pages should be designed in such a way that the UX goals are met. be realized For example, from the top 30% of the page, which has the highest visit rate, colors, fonts, images, elements, etc. should be used in the best way..

What is UX?

In the brief definition of UX or user experience, it can be said that the type of feeling and experience of users from using the system depends to a large extent on the way the system works and how to respond. User experience can include all things related to the website, such as response speed, how to access sections, how it works, access, facilities, etc. Therefore, website designers should note that in addition to beauty, it is also very important to provide the facilities needed by users and provide a pleasant environment. Websites should attract users and get a good experience of using and interacting with the website.

The difference between ux and ui (user experience design and user interface design)

Regarding the difference between UI and UX, it can be said that the person who is the user experience designer determines how the customer will deal with products and services step by step. One of the differences between UI and UX is that in the ux user experience, it is determined what the user can do on the site and how to do it. The more the assigned tasks are done in less time and with better results, the more pleasant the user experience will be.

Another thing that makes the difference between UI and UX is that the designer provides user experience based on needs, suggestions and requests. Requests that there is a special button or element on a page or a special form is placed, etc. Part of the needs must be met by the sales team, support or other departments, and another part is transferred to the site design team. And… the only part related to the UI designer is related to the appearance of the site.

One of the examples that makes you better understand the difference between UI and UX is the example of the human body. Let’s assume that the appearance of a person, which includes the color of hair, eyes, skin, etc., can be considered as UI, and the skeleton and ossification of the body, which makes it easy to walk and stand, is UX. Note that the user experience designer constantly monitors user behavior and based on new needs and performance changes, you may have to change the UI as well.

In general, the following can be mentioned as other differences between UI and UX:

  • UI is part of UX. If you consider a product, all its UX counts. While UI is placed under its set and is used to meet UX goals.
  • Even if you have a beautiful design, but if you don’t have proper performance, users will not be attracted to you, so each of them should have the best performance together.
  • UI design largely depends on the designers’ taste, but in UX design, you must use certain principles and rules and have the best performance.

An example of the difference between UI and UX

It must have happened to you that when you intend to use the sauce, it is difficult to remove the sauce at the end, and this creates an unpleasant experience for you. Although its appearance and packaging are beautiful, you have not gained a good experience from using it.

Seeing this problem, one of the food manufacturing companies decided to produce a new type of product that solved this problem. Although the new produced cans did not have a beautiful appearance, they had a very good performance and satisfied the customers. But by designing a wider head, they made it possible to put the sauce can upside down so that it can be poured more easily and quickly. In order to be able to understand the difference between UI and UX, it can be said that the appearance of the sauce can is considered a type of UI and the way it works is considered UX.

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